Tenerife Dive Sites: The Cornflakes
Los Gigantes Diving Centre

* Maximum Depth: 12 - 26 meters
* Suitable for: Suitable for qualified divers with recent experience
* Travel time from dive centre: 10 minutes

The large, thin slabs of rock strewn around on the seabed at 26 metres were described by one of our instructors as looking like a giant serving of cornflakes, and so the site has been named since.

The constant movement of water over millenia, removed sand which was supporting a shelf of rock, causing it to collapse and break up into the many pieces which now resemble giant cornflakes (actually the colouring is more like bran flakes!)

Many Glasseye fish have made their home underneath these ledges and their red and silver colouring sparkles in torch light. Occasionally we also find Giant Spiny Puffer fish. Shy by nature there are many suitable hiding places here for them. Passing shoals of Lesser Amberjack can often be spotted in an upward glance, usually inquisitive these fish will encircle divers offering a great photographic subject.

Diving in Tenerife

Los Gigantes Diving Centre
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