Tenerife Dive Sites: Rolfs Reef - Los Gigantes Diving Centre

* Maximum Depth: 10 - 35 meters (for divers who are limited to 18 metres see Rolf's Cave)
* Suitable for: Suitable for advanced divers with recent experience
* Travel time from dive centre: 6 minutes

This dive begins the same as the one above but continues along the gently sloping sea bed across a sandy area to 30 – 35 metres, where Angel Sharks can often be seen during the winter months partially buried in the sand.

Many species of fish and sponges have made their home here, and Morays can be found lurking in holes and grottos. Inquisitive Jacks also occasionally appear and will circle around divers for a moment before moving on.

Dive time here is extended by the multi level nature of the return route to the boat, where the small cave, home to yet more interesting creatures, can be explored during the safety stop.

Diving in Tenerife

Los Gigantes Diving Centre
Open Monday to Saturday
09:30 to 16:00
Closed Sunday
Telephone: +34 922 860 431
Mobile: +34 637 819 204

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