Tenerife Dive Sites: Lolita - Los Gigantes Diving Centre

* Maximum Depth: 10 - 22 meters
* Suitable for: Advanced divers
* Travel time from dive centre: 5 minutes

Lolita was the name of a small fishing boat which sank here in 2003. A wooden vessel, not much of the structure remains due to wave action, but the engine, propeller and a crane are home to many smaller fish and crustaceans.

The wreckage is in 20 – 22 metres, and is visited briefly as part of a tour of the surrounding reef system. On this site the observant can sometimes find Canarian Lobsters, which are an endangered species. At 10 metres we arrive at the end of the dive outside of a cavern in the reef which is home to stingrays, anemones and small shoaling fish.

The top of this reef is at 5 metres, perfect for a safety stop, the 3 minutes spent in a curtain of exhaled air bubbles filtering through the volcanic rock from the cavern below.

Diving in Tenerife

Los Gigantes Diving Centre
Open Monday to Saturday
09:30 to 16:00
Closed Sunday
Telephone: +34 922 860 431
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