Tenerife Dive Sites: Barranco Seco 2 (Los Roncadores)
Los Gigantes Diving Centre

* Maximum Depth: 10 - 35 meters
* Suitable for: Suitable for Advanced divers only with recent experience (if your qualification depth limit is 18 or 20 metres, or you have not dived for a while you can do the shallower part of this dive. See Barranco Seco Arch).
* Travel time from dive centre: 8 minutes

Conducted as a classic multi-level dive, a descent down the anchor line to10 metres begins the tour beside a rock arch on a sea bed which slopes down to 35 metres. Accustomed to divers, one or two inquisitive rays may appear and follow along for a while. At 25 metres a shoal of Grunts hovers almost motionless around a pinnacle which rises up from 35 metres. These fish are very tranquil and will gently part company to allow divers pass through their midst for photos and video.

At the base of the pinnacle, in 30 – 35 metres, as far as the eye can see the sandy sea bed is covered with Garden Eels. Resembling small snakes, they are very shy and quickly shoot back into the sand at the slightest disturbance. For those of you who are good on your air consumption we may have time to take a look at the masses of tube worms which resemble a field of daisies, these too will quickly retract if they are disturbed. Camera enthusiasts need patience and very good buoyancy here.

A scenic swim exits through a chimney at 24 metres, at which point bottom time and remaining air supply demand a return to the shallows where remaining air can be finished off during a safety stop conducted on the top of the arch in 5 metres of water.

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